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What do women want? Hard dick!

"women love hard dick"Today I heard someone say  ”I don’t know what the woman wants from me!”

We walked by and I said to my girlfriend “she wants your dick nice and hard”.

I also told this little tidbit to three people who were walking out of the store (not on purpose, but you should have seen those shocked faces turn my way so quick).
I was thinking, I should have told the guy that! Poor schmoe doesn’t even know.

The truth is, we like an attractive guy, a guy with a decent personality, and a clean guy. But we like this guy better when his dick is hard as a rock. We like that dick to get hard right in our hot little hands and stay hard until we can’t stand to fuck anymore. So there you go, guy in the parking lot. Give her some hard dick.

Not half hard, not just hard enough to get it in – we want dick to be coffee table hard. Rap your knuckles on the coffee table, that’s how hard.

Why do we want this super rock hard dick? Because then we can put it right on the G-spot, and have magical wild orgasms. For ladies who have not mastered the “Mother of all Orgasms”, also known as the “inny”, A hard as rock dick feels great with the clit positioned just right, and the man pumping hard and steady.

So give it to us hard. We don’t care how it gets so hard, just let us have it!

Just love that hard dick…

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